Our Order is currently working  on the construction and expansion of children's soccer groups in countries, where soccer is enthusiastic but where are nearly no opportunities for poor children and young people.
Soccer takes these children to sports, the team and mutual respect.


The order supports a Youth-Educations-School in Conde / Salvador da Bahia / Brasilia

Handing over of a donation with bavarian flag (on the left Padre Pettinger, on the right Sra. Maria)
Instructress Sra. Maria with young people, which learn the embroidering of placemats
A young brasilian, which learns the tailor of t-shirts

The order supports the renovation of the roof of the church in Conde / Salvador da Bahia / Brasilia

Padre Georg Pettinger – not only priest of the municipality Conde, but also construction manager and construction helper with his assistants at the roof renewal of the church  (spring time 2013)

The order supports a school in Cancún, Mexico

Main building of Cancún school.
Anton Count of Grafenburg and Dr. Andrea Countess of Grafenburg handing over a donation of the order to Mrs. Gabriela (red dress), headmaster of Cancún school (Mexico).